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Dan Gury & The Dyna Dukes: POLKAVISION

John Lackowski - Zosia featuring Matt Gury & John Lackowski (May 10, 2017)
PolkaVision - Randy Krajewski / Choice (2015)

This video is a fun, exploration of alternate accordion chord patterns in polka music.
Featured guests include the voice of Billy Belina and the music of Clare Witkowski.

PolkaVision - Billy Belina / Clare Witkowski (2013)

A lighthearted video based on the title song of John Gora's new
CD, "Polka Playin' Fool".

PolkaVision - John Gora (2009)
PolkaVision - Freeze Dried (2009)

Music video for one of the songs on the new CD by the New Brass Express, Bob Douglas takes the vocal lead

PolkaVision - New Brass Express (2011)

Join the PolkaVision staff at Polkapalooza in Canada along with Jimmy
Sturr & His Orchestra

PolkaVision - Jimmy Sturr (2009)

Another episode of PolkaVision starring Roger Lichwala, The New Brass, The Dyna Tones of Buffalo sponsored by the makers of Czerwone Chrusciki (Red Angel Wings).

PolkaVision - Roger Lichwala / The New Brass (2007)
PolkaVision - Bob Bobin / Downtown Sound (2007)

A fun video with comedy and music featuring Dan Czeski as Herr Schweiger Mutter.  PolkaVision is presented by Dan Gury.

PolkaVision - Dan Czeski (2014)

Dan Gury's PolkaVision presents Jimmy K & Ethnic Jazz performing at the Fall Polka Festival in the Seven Springs Resort. The medley of songs include: "Cium Ciu Rum Cium", "Ukrania" and "Potato Chips". The musicians include Jimmy K, Kevin Adams, Frank Liszka, Paul Hupalowski, Verne Maddie, Matt Gury, Richie Kois.

PolkaVision - Jimmy K's Ethnic Jazz (2012)
PolkaVision - Frank Liszka / TBC (2007)

This was the first episode of PolkaVision. Polka video and lighthearted commentary with the talk show mindset..this months special guest, Bill Gula with Prime Drive..sponsored by Frosted Mini Sledzie.

PolkaVision - Bill Gula / Prime Drive (2007)