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Dan Gury & The Dyna Dukes: PIX

St Florians Strawberry Festival - Hamtramck

Various Friends and Places

Vero Beach Pete with Carol & Laurie
Care for a "Danwich"?
John & Val doing what they do best!
Dan Czeski showing Carol Gury the ropes?
Dyna Dukes Grandma's!
Hanging around during the break!
Playing with the New Generation from Deeetroit!
A picture of a pole at St. Hedwigs
The best festival bartenders in the world!
Dan Czeski (Dziki Dziewicki) whooping it up with Carol Gury!

Band Pix

Dave Swider showing off!!!
St. Pete with Paul, Rick & Matt
St. Pete with Matt, Vic, Mike & Dan
St. Stans - Wyandotte
"Yeah, I'm cool!"
Doing what we do best!
Another day, another riff!
We're having fun now!
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