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Dan Gury & The Dyna Dukes: Bio

Events that happen in life become part of your bio.  This is a story that was told to me by the former drummer and leader of the Michigan Connection, Paul Romanowski.  When he was a little lad, about 10 years old, he fell in love with polka music.  At the time, the Dyna Dukes were coming on to the polka scene.  He had a strong interest in learning and playing the accordion just like one of his polka idols, Dan Gury.  Paul's parents took him to a dance, at that time, so he could see Dan Gury in action, and dream about fulfilling his dream to become a great accordion player.  During one the breaks, he managed to build up enough courage to actually go to the stage and talk with Dan.  He finally was able to get Dan's attention and shyly asked Dan "What kind of accordion are you playing?"  Dan looked at the little kid, with big round eyes and anticipation showing on his face, and calmly said, "A black one".  Paul grew up to become a great drummer with the Michigan Connection.